Oct. 3rd, 2005 02:25 am
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So, now I've seen the final version of Serenity, twice at that, and with some people who have not seen the series. After seeing the preview, I was worried. The movie was very dark, and some of the plot was pretty darn cruel, and the planet scenes looked really bad, and it just left me with a sense of fear.

That's gone. I like Serenity. It has flaws, for sure, and I've read many a review claiming that the reviewer didn't get into the film at all, and it requires seeing the series. The friends of mine who weren't exposed to the series before seeing the movie, though had no such trouble--and now really want to see the series. It's gone over almost universally really well, and I liked it.

The main problem with it is that it tries to cram so much into so little time. In doing that, though, it's a masterpiece. There is no dead time in the movie at all, and it accomplishes a lot within its running time. The dialogue rocks, and by and large the effects are good. I liked the soundtrack, which is sufficiently understated to work with the style of the setting. Post production cleaned out most of all the film issues I was worried about, and clearly shows what Whedon had in mind for the few scenes that left me wondering. But what made Firefly so great, and makes this movie as well, is the acting and characters. No, Inara and Book don't really get developed as characters in the movie--having watched the series helps. But everyone is still so wonderfully human, and real, and the kind of people you can see walking down the streets, that you care for. Even Jane and Mal. Also, some of the camera work, like the steadycam pan that opens the movie, is quite impressive for a supposedly TV director. (My earlier fears from the preview copy about Whedon's ability to direct for the big screen were quickly laid to rest.) He has his distinctive style, but if a movie fits within that style, I would have no reservations letting him loose on other projects for the big screen as well!

In short, go see it already!


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