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I picked up the graphic novelization of the first Artemis Fowl book when traveling in Finland, (obviously enough called Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel in English) and rather liked it. I proceeded to pick up some of the books on which the graphic novels were based, and decided I'm better off with the graphic novels. The books are basically just like the comics, just without the pictures -- basically, way too simple in plot, characters and prose for me to enjoy.
The second installment is as recommended as the first one, although I do have to toss in a slight caveat. I grew up with European comics in the French/Belgian tradition, and feel quite comfortable with the visual style of this work; I'm not sure if it translates as well to people who are used to a different kind of style. I also like the format; a full story in one book, with a beginning, an adventure, and an end; not a way-too-short piece of a never-ending serialization with sprawling story-archs.
That, and it has a strong, independent female protagonist, and she's an elf. I'm a bit biased here.
In all, a strong four stars out of five.


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