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So, who invented Camera Obscura? Some articles I stumbled across say it was this guy, and at least one article I've read attributes the name not to latin, but to the Arabic qamara, for dark room or private room. It's interesting that the overwhelming number of etymology entries for camera I found online refer to 16th century latin, and the same holds for entries on the invention of Camera Obscura as well.

I wonder if the Finnish kamara for a small room has any relation.
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Disseminate amongst your friends, in case you know someone who might be interested.

The mode dial is chipped, but otherwise there's nothing wrong with the camera. Comes with a box of CR123A batteries*, original box, manuals, an excellent CD-Rom book by Thom Hogan*, software, cables, AA charger* and a set of rechargeable AAs*, mechanical remote release cable*, a Tamron Zoom lens with a stiff zoom ring*, a 1 GB microdrive* and still about 2 years or so of extended Mack warranty*. Items with Asterisk are extra, and not part of what you get if you had bought this in the store.

$500 takes the lot.

SunPak 5000 flash for Nikon (or the S2), $100.

LowePro PhotoTrekker backpack in near mint condition. is the product link, although mine is I, not II. It's all black. $100.

Sigma 300 mm f 4.0 APO Macro telephoto lens for Nikon, some cosmetic damage, case. $150.

Nokia 3650 camera phone with brand spanking new cover. $90 OBO.


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